Surf Fishing in Asturias, Spain: 5 great places to enjoy paradise

Nestled in the northern region of Spain, Asturias is a well-kept secret, a haven for aficionados of surf fishing. The rugged coastline and untarnished beaches make it a picturesque destination, showcasing nature’s beauty at its best. Having had the privilege to explore this hidden gem, I can attest to the fact that Asturias, with its pristine landscapes, offers a glimpse of paradise on earth for surf fishing enthusiasts.

Venturing into northern Spain with, I discovered that Asturias not only boasts awe-inspiring scenery but also provides a diverse array of fish species, promising a thrilling challenge for any angler. This guide aims to unravel the charm of Asturias by delving into five exceptional beaches tailor-made for surf fishing. Additionally, it will shed light on the optimal times of the year to plan your visit, offering valuable travel tips from the vibrant city of Miami, Florida.

To make your fishing adventure in Asturias truly unforgettable, we’ve curated a list of five top-notch accommodations. From rustic charm to modern luxury, these lodgings ensure a comfortable and memorable stay as you embark on your angling escapades in this Spanish paradise. Prepare to be captivated by the beauty of Asturias, where the thrill of surf fishing meets the tranquility of breathtaking landscapes.

Getting There from Miami, Florida:

Flight Options:

The most convenient way to reach Asturias from Miami is by taking a flight to Asturias Airport (OVD). Several international airlines offer connecting flights with a layover in major European cities.

Rental Car:

Upon arrival at Asturias Airport, renting a car is the best way to explore the different surf fishing beaches. The scenic drive will take you through picturesque landscapes and charming coastal towns.

The Best gear to Surf fishing in Asturias:

Surf fishing in Asturias, Spain, requires specific gear to handle the conditions and target the local fish species effectively. Here’s a general guide to the best fishing gear:

Rod and Reel:

Rod: Choose a surfcasting rod with a length between 12 to 15 feet. This length helps with long casts into the surf. Look for a medium to heavy power rating to handle larger fish.

Reel: Opt for a durable spinning reel with a large line capacity. Ensure it has a smooth drag system to handle powerful fish in the surf.


Use a strong and abrasion-resistant monofilament or braided line. A line strength of 15 to 30 pounds is suitable for surf fishing in Asturias. The braided line provides better sensitivity and increased casting distance.

Terminal Tackle:

Leader: Attach a fluorocarbon leader to your mainline to reduce visibility in the clear water. A leader length of 2 to 4 feet with a strength of 20 to 40 pounds is appropriate.

Hooks: Choose strong and durable hooks in various sizes depending on the target species. Circle hooks are popular for catch-and-release as they often result in lip hooking, minimizing damage to the fish.


Use pyramid or coin-shaped sinkers to anchor your bait in the surf. The weight will depend on the surf conditions, but having various sizes ranging from 2 to 6 ounces is a good idea.


Local bait options include sandworms, razor clams, mussels, and shrimp. Match your bait choice to the target species and the preferences of local fish.

Tackle Box:

Carry a sturdy tackle box with compartments to organize your various weights, hooks, and other terminal tackle.


Depending on the season, a good pair of breathable waders can be essential for staying dry and comfortable, especially if you plan on fishing in colder weather.


Dress appropriately for the weather conditions. A waterproof and windproof jacket can be beneficial, as well as clothing suitable for variable temperatures.


Bring a sturdy rod holder to secure your rod in the sand while waiting for bites. A fishing knife, pliers, and a bucket for bait and catch are also essential.

Weather and Safety Gear:

Check the weather forecast before heading out and dress accordingly. Sunscreen, a hat, and polarized sunglasses are essential for protection. Additionally, be aware of local safety guidelines and carry any required permits.

Always adapt your gear based on the specific conditions, target species, and your personal preferences. Local tackle shops and experienced anglers in the area can provide valuable insights into the best gear for the current conditions in Asturias.

Surf Fishing Hotspots:

Playa de Gueirúa:

Known for its dramatic cliffs and stunning views, Playa de Gueirúa is a prime surf fishing location. Anglers can expect to catch sea bass, mackerel, and even the elusive bluefin tuna.

Playa de Salinas:

With its long stretch of sandy shoreline, Playa de Salinas is perfect for anglers seeking a diverse catch. Common species include flounder, sea bream, and snook.

Playa de Rodiles:

Located near the Villaviciosa estuary, Playa de Rodiles is renowned for its abundant marine life. It’s an excellent spot for catching sea trout, redfish, and striped bass.

Playa de San Pedro:

Nestled between cliffs, Playa de San Pedro offers a unique fishing experience. Expect to hook amberjack, pompano, and grouper in these crystal-clear waters.

Playa de Xagó:

A favorite among locals, Playa de Xagó is known for its consistent surf and excellent fishing conditions. Anglers can target species like mullet, fluke, and bluefish.

Best Times for Surf Fishing:

The prime period for surf fishing enthusiasts in Asturias unfolds during the transitional seasons of spring and fall. Extending from April through June and then again from September to November, these months unveil a vibrant aquatic panorama, with an abundance of diverse fish species awaiting eager anglers. This temporal window promises a thrilling fishing escapade amid the coastal waters of Asturias.

In the embrace of spring, the mild weather blankets the region, creating an idyllic setting for angling pursuits. The fall season, with its crisp air and subdued beach activity, further enhances the allure of surf fishing. The beaches, being less frequented during these periods, grant enthusiasts a serene and more personal communion with the natural surroundings.

As the waves rhythmically crash against the shoreline, the angler finds themselves immersed in a unique experience, marked by the communion of skill, nature, and the bountiful marine life that graces Asturias’ coastal waters during these enchanting seasons.

Top 5 Accommodations:

Parador de Gijón:

Enjoy a luxurious stay at this historic Parador located in Gijón. With its stunning views of the Cantabrian Sea, it’s the perfect base for your surf fishing adventures.

Hotel Palacio de La Magdalena:

Nestled in the heart of Asturias, this hotel offers a blend of elegance and comfort. It’s conveniently located for easy access to various surf fishing hotspots.

Casa Rural La Quintana de Villar:

For a more authentic experience, consider staying in a charming rural house. Casa Rural La Quintana de Villar provides a tranquil retreat surrounded by nature.

NH Collection Palacio de Avilés:

Situated in the enchanting city of Avilés, this hotel seamlessly blends contemporary conveniences with the allure of Asturian charm. It proves to be an outstanding option for individuals eager to discover the rich offerings of both the city and the picturesque coastline. Personally, Avilés holds a special place in my heart as one of my favorite towns in Spain. Its captivating beauty, warm and welcoming locals, and culinary delights, ranking among the finest in Europe, collectively make Avilés an unparalleled choice.

Hotel Don Manuel:

Situated in the heart of Oviedo, Hotel Don Manuel offers a central location with easy access to various beaches. After a day of surf fishing, unwind in this comfortable and welcoming accommodation.

Nestled in the northern region of Spain, Asturias emerges as a top-tier haven for avid surf fishing aficionados in search of a harmonious fusion of breathtaking landscapes and the thrill of angling. This enchanting destination boasts a tapestry of diverse beaches, each offering a unique and idyllic setting for your surf fishing escapades. From the expansive sandy shores to the more secluded coves, Asturias provides a varied canvas for anglers to explore and discover.

The marine biodiversity of Asturias adds an extra layer of allure to your fishing expedition. The rich waters teem with a plethora of aquatic life, promising a rewarding experience for those who seek the excitement of reeling in diverse catches. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a novice, Asturias offers an opportunity for everyone to engage with the captivating world beneath the waves.

Enhancing the appeal of Asturias is its commitment to providing comfortable accommodations that seamlessly blend with the surrounding natural beauty. After a day of casting lines and immersing yourself in the coastal charm, retreat to cozy lodgings that ensure relaxation and rejuvenation for the next day’s adventures.

As you embark on your surf fishing journey in Asturias, don’t just pack your gear; pack your anticipation for an unparalleled and unforgettable experience. From the rhythmic crashing of the waves against the shoreline to the thrill of hooking your prized catch, Asturias beckons with the promise of an angling adventure that transcends the ordinary. Seize the opportunity, plan your trip meticulously, and get ready to cast your line into the abundant waters of this Spanish coastal paradise. Your surf fishing odyssey in Asturias awaits, promising memories that will linger long after the tides have receded.

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