Penn Battalion II Rod Review: Unveiling Top Models for Unparalleled Performance

Cheerfulfisherman is a haven for anglers, aiding in selecting the ideal gear for their upcoming fishing escapades. Penn, a distinguished brand in fishing equipment, has introduced its newest breakthrough: the Battalion II Surf Conventional Rod. Tailored for anglers in pursuit of accuracy, robustness, and adaptability, this series presents a range of models meticulously crafted to suit diverse fishing techniques and environments. Our comprehensive review is dedicated to exploring the unique attributes, benefits, and comparative analysis of the Penn Battalion II Surf Conventional Rod series. This exploration aims to empower you with the knowledge needed to confidently select the perfect gear for your next thrilling fishing expedition.

Product Overview

The Penn Battalion II Surf Conventional Rod series comprises several models, each tailored for specific fishing preferences and conditions. Here’s an overview of the key models:

ModelLengthPowerActionLine RatingLure Weight
Battalion II8′ to 12′Medium-Heavy to HeavyModerate-Fast to Fast15-30 lbs to 30-65 lbs1-6 oz to 4-10 oz
Battalion II Pro10′ to 12′HeavyFast20-40 lbs to 30-65 lbs2-6 oz to 4-10 oz
Battalion II Long Cast11′ to 15′Medium-Heavy to HeavyFast15-30 lbs to 30-65 lbs2-6 oz to 4-10 oz
Battalion II Inshore8′ to 10′Medium to HeavyModerate-Fast to Fast12-20 lbs to 15-30 lbs3/4-4 oz to 1-3 oz

Detailed Review

Design and Build: The Battalion II Surf Conventional Rod series features a combination of lightweight design and exceptional strength, owing to its 30-ton carbon blanks. This amalgamation of durability and sensitivity makes it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced anglers. The use of Fuji® guides and a Fuji® reel seat ensures smooth line movement and improved casting performance.


Battalion II: The standard model in the series offers versatility, catering to a wide range of fishing conditions. Its flexible action and varying lengths make it suitable for anglers targeting different species in shore-based or surf fishing.

Battalion II Pro: With a heavy power rating and fast action, this model is designed for anglers targeting larger game fish from shore or piers. Its enhanced backbone enables handling bigger baits and heavier lines.

Battalion II Long Cast: Offering longer lengths and fast action, this model is geared towards long-distance casting. It’s an excellent choice for surf anglers looking to cover a broader area and reach fish beyond the breakers.

Battalion II Inshore: Specifically crafted for inshore fishing, this model’s shorter length and moderate to fast action make it ideal for targeting smaller to medium-sized species with more precision.

Pros and Cons


Exceptional build quality and durability

Versatile range catering to various fishing styles

Lightweight design for extended fishing sessions

Enhanced sensitivity for better bite detection


Some users might find longer models less convenient for transport


When comparing the models, anglers should consider their specific fishing needs. The table provides a quick comparison, but here’s a summary:

For Versatility: Battalion II is a great all-rounder for various fishing conditions.

For Larger Game Fish: Battalion II Pro offers the backbone for handling bigger games.

For Long-Distance Casting: Battalion II Long Cast is designed for covering more extensive areas.

For Inshore Fishing: Battalion II Inshore is tailored for precision in smaller areas.

At Cheerfulfisherman, the Penn Battalion II Surf Conventional Rod series emerges as an exceptional option for anglers, renowned for its quality, versatility, and outstanding performance. Tailored to diverse fishing preferences, each model offered caters to specific angling needs. Whether one is casting from the shore or aiming for a larger game, there’s a Battalion II variant designed to suit those precise requirements. These rods combine state-of-the-art technology with expert craftsmanship, ensuring an exciting and triumphant fishing expedition.

In essence, when it comes to top-tier performance, durability, and adaptability in fishing gear, the Penn Battalion II Surf Conventional Rod series stands as an outstanding choice for any angler. Visit to explore and select the ideal gear for your fishing pursuits.

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