Advantages of Using a Topwater Frog Lure for Bass Fishing

Topwater frog lures are fishing lure that imitates a frog swimming on the water’s surface. They are a popular choice for bass fishing, as they can be used to attract bass from a long distance and in a variety of water conditions.

Topwater frog lures are made of a soft plastic material shaped like a frog designed to float on the water. They typically have a hollow body with legs and a tail designed to make popping and splashing sounds when retrieved. These sounds mimic the sounds of a frog swimming or jumping on the surface of the water, which can attract the attention of the bass.

Topwater frog lures can be used in various water conditions, including shallow and deep water, clear and murky water, and even weedy areas. This makes them a versatile lure that can be used in various fishing situations.

Using frog lures for bass fishing is super exciting. Unlike other lures that work underwater, these make bass jump out to grab them on the surface. It’s like a visual treat for fishing!

Topwater frog lures are a great way to catch bass, especially in the spring and summer, and continue until early fall. If you are looking for a new way to catch bass, give a topwater frog lures a try.

Short Summary

Effective Imitation: Topwater frog lures mimic the movements and appearance of real frogs, enticing bass to strike by imitating their natural prey.

Long-Distance Attraction: These lures create popping and splashing sounds that can be heard by bass from afar, making them an excellent choice for attracting fish that are not actively feeding.

Versatile Usage: Topwater frog lures can be used in various water conditions, including shallow and deep waters, clear or murky environments, and weedy areas, making them adaptable for different fishing situations.

Exciting Experience: Unlike underwater lures, topwater frog lures make bass leap out of the water to grab them on the surface, offering a visually thrilling and enjoyable fishing experience.Diverse Techniques: These lures can be used in different ways, such as walking, popping, or skittering across the water’s surface, allowing anglers to experiment with various techniques to entice bass strikes.

Advantages of Using a Topwater Frog Lure

Here are some advantages of using a topwater frog lure for bass fishing:

1.   Realistic Design

Topwater frog lures can be made to look very realistic, which can help attract the bass’s attention. These lures move and look just like real frogs, which easily tricks bass into thinking they’re getting a tasty meal.

This imitation makes the bass more likely to go after the lure and bite, increasing your chances of a successful catch. Some frog lures even have built-in rattles that can make even more noise to attract fish. A realistic design can be a significant advantage, making the lure more believable to bass.

2.   Attracts Bass from A Long Distance

The popping and splashing sounds made by a topwater frog lure can be heard by bass from a long distance, making it an excellent lure for attracting fish not actively feeding. This is because bass are visual predators and are attracted to movement and sound.

The popping and splashing sounds made by a topwater frog lure mimic the sounds of a frog swimming or jumping on the surface of the water, which can draw the bass toward himself.

3.   Can Be Used in A Variety of Water Conditions

Topwater frog lures can be used in various water conditions, including shallow and deep water, clear and murky water, and even weedy areas. This makes them a versatile lure that can be used in various fishing situations. Shallow water is typically the best place to use a topwater frog lure, as this is where bass are most likely to be found.

However, topwater frog lures can also be used in deeper water, especially if there is vegetation or other cover present. These lures also work great in different types of water and weather, no matter how things are.

4.   Is A Fun and Exciting Way to Fish

Topwater frog fishing can be a very fun and exciting way to fish. When you use topwater lures, you can watch the fish grab your bait, and it can be even more rewarding when you finally land a big bass. Topwater frog lures float on water and differ from lures that go underwater.

They make bass fish jump out of the water to catch them. This is cool because you can watch the bass jump up and grab your lure right away. This makes fishing more enjoyable and exciting because you can see the action happening right in front of you.

5.   Bass Loves Eating Frogs

Whether frogs jump from the shore or swim deeper in the water, bass can’t resist them. Using these lures means you’re serving up bass’s favorite snack, making them more likely to grab your bait and go for a bite.

6.   It Can Be Used in Different Ways

Topwater frog lure can be used in different ways, including walking, popping, or skittering. When you use walking frogs, you drag them on the water’s surface. They’re light and stay on top, moving like real swimming frogs. The legs and tail create a gentle flutter as they move. This flutter gets bass interested – even though the frogs aren’t noisy, they look like actual frog swimming. The great thing about walking frogs is their versatility. They work well in many places with a cover, like weeds, lily pads, and wood. These areas are tricky for regular lures, but walking frogs handle them easily. The front of popping frogs is shaped like a cup, and when you pull them across the water, they pop, crack, and create splashes. These noisy frogs catch the bass’ attention. They work well in open areas and near branches where bass might hide. Popping frogs are perfect for bringing the bass out and getting them to bite.

Tips for Using a Topwater Frog Lure

The 3 Common Colors of Frogs: There are three common colors of frogs: white, black, and natural color (green, brown, and yellow). Black is an excellent color option for frog lures. Because of their low visibility, black topwater frogs are ideal for sunny days when fishing close to weeds and in thick flat areas.

White also works well in different situations. An excellent way to use a white frog is to fish it right over a bunch of bushes or rip-rap areas. These areas of water have a lot of natural bass to hide there.

Even though green is the color people use the most, brown and yellow can also be good, depending on the environment and condition. Green frogs are awesome for clear water, like riprap areas. Brown frogs are perfect when bass are active during the day or at certain times of the year. On cloudy days, yellow lures are really effective. When there is less vegetation around, go for natural frog colors.

Rod and Reel: Use fast action medium-heavy to a heavy rod and pair it with a high-speed baitcaster reel. Moreover, for open areas, a 40-pound braid will work. However, using a 50–60-pound braid is recommended if you are getting to the heavy cover.

Action: In a wide-open area, the walking frog works best. When fishing in shallow water and wanting more ripples on the surface, the popping frog is the better choice.

Size: For smallmouth fish, about 8-10 inches, go with a smaller frog. But bigger frogs are the best option if you’re after largemouth bass that is over 12 inches.Weight: The frog’s weight is the next thing to think about. Frogs should be light because you want them to stay on the water’s surface, but they should also have enough weight to be cast easily.

Additional tips:

  • In murky water, it might be a good idea to use bright and easy-to-see colors. But if the water is clear, it’s usually better to go with natural colors.
  • Summer is the top time to use frogs. There are many frogs around for bass to eat, and bass stays in shallow water looking for food.
  • For better results, it is recommended to fish hours before sunset right through to dusk. Bass knows that frogs have become mobile during this time.
  • When it’s cloudy, bass can easily spot food up there. But when the sun is bright above, it’s hard for bass to see stuff on the water’s top. On sunny days, the bass bites better in the early morning and late afternoon. But on cloudy days, you can catch bass with a frog, even in the middle of the day.
  • Try various lure colors and begin with at least three favorite color choices. Overall, green, white, and black lures are effective because they let you fish in various weather conditions and areas with lots of plants.
  • Generally, frogs with legs are more effective than those without. Legs make the frog look more real, which gets you more bites and your hookup ratio.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Advantages of Using Topwater Frog Lures for Bass Fishing


In conclusion, using topwater frog lures for bass fishing offers a range of advantages. These lures imitate real frogs and their movements, attracting bass from a distance. They work well in various water conditions and environments, making them versatile choices for different situations. With their lifelike design and ability to create popping sounds, frog lures enhance your chances of successful catches.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, these lures provide an exciting and enjoyable fishing experience. Remember to choose the right colors, experiment with different actions, and make the most of cloudy days for effective topwater frog lure fishing.

Happy fishing!

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